Unable to flash Jetson Nano production module, no USB device showing up

I have the Auvidea JN30B carrier to flash my production module. Though I am unable to get the Nano to register as a USB device. The carrier claims an auto detection for flashing but that does not seem to work. If I dont do anything the module just boots in an “Android Bootloader” mode which offers a few options but attaching a USB keyboard does not work.
Pressing force recovery keeps that menu from showing up but I still don’t see any USB device.

Ok, it worked now after restarting the SDK manager and trying several times again to get it into recovery through the on board button on the J30.

Hi, I am also having the JN30B , and once connected to the PC via the USB cable, I receive the Bootloader, then after very few seconds, I receive a black screen with “Continue booting” in green colour.

Just wondering if you have you seen this message and if yes, how long did take to boot, as there is no indication it is actually doing anything.

Would you please shed some light on the flashing process/steps?

Thank you in advance

Sure, hold the recovery button pressed while giving the board power. This will attach the usb recovery device.