Unable to Flash Jetson Nano Production module with SDK Manager

I have purchased a Jetson Nano carrier with production module from Auvedia. It has been pre-flashed and I am trying to reflash it with the latest version of SDK manager with latest JP 4.4.1. After flashing with latest Jetson OS, the Nano doesn’t boot properly with the error msg Kernel panic, not syncing..

Attached screenshot of the error screen on boot.

What could be the possible reason?

Not sure, but I don’t think SDK manager deals by default with any carrier board different from NVIDIA dev kits.
There may be different DT, kernel or modules and firmware depending on differences in HW.
You may try to check what is supported from your carrier board vendor.

I have manually flashed using the ./flash.sh script and the problem has been resolved. Thanks.


Glad to see you’ve moved forward.
Since you’ve been publicly asking for help, it would be fair to share the command that solved your case for other users facing the same.