Unable to flash Jetson Nano with SDKManager


i am not able to flash my jetson nano with the sdkmanger tool… Is there any help for me?

  • Is your host PC Ubuntu 18.04? Is the Nano a dev kit, or third party carrier board?
  • What error did you receive?
  • Are you using the NVIDIA-supplied micro-B USB cable, or a third party cable?
  • What is the error, and can you post logs or at least some error description?

i have a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04, the board is a Jetson IO Base A model from waveshare… the micro usb cable is a third party cable.
Untitled Document 1 (4.7 KB)

Here a Screenshot and the Error report from terminal

The log is limited and only shows the host side information (it lacks logging of the Jetson flash). Not sure what to tell you about that, but VMs are known to fail due to incorrect handling of USB during a disconnect/reconnect. Each VM is different, but if you find a way to correctly keep USB passthrough during disconnect/reconnect, it is possible for the VM to work.

The cable is a different story. Most “charger” cables have very poor data capabilities. I would say about 2 out of 3 charger cables fail due to lack of data quality (e.g., some only have a single strand of copper or 2 strands…great for DC but not so great for high speed data).

There is an export logs function on SDKM which someone might be able to use to get a better idea of what is going on, but the current information is not sufficient to debug. If you can switch to an actual Ubuntu 18.04 host PC it would help, but if not, I recommend finding out anything you can about making USB passthrough to always pass through the recovery mode Jetson.

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