Unable to Flash Jetson TX1... "BootRom is not running" error

Hi all,

I’m trying to update the Jetson TX1 using the Jetpack and during the flash procedure it hangs up with the error “BootRom is not running”.

Any idea?

This error came up after a first freezed firmware update…

Thank you

I would always first test with just driver package+sample rootfs to simplify when debugging flash. Should that succeed, then you know it is purely a JetPack issue…should that fail, then odds go up it is a hardware issue on the Jetson.

I’m guessing you already got to recovery mode, but just to be thorough, does “lsusb -d 0955:7721” show that it finds the JTX1?

Try deleting and then redownloading the entire Jetpack.

I managed to flash following this guide:
but only using a Laptop with Ubuntu 14.04.

The previous attempts were made on a VirtualBox Virtual Machine… while for the Jetson TK1 I was able to flash from the virtual machine, the TX1 freezes and a “real” Ubuntu machine is required.

Now I’m going to use the Jetpack to install the latest package I need.

I can confirm that it was an issue with the virtual machine.

I successfully installed the latest firmware and libraries with Jetpack using a laptop.

I was able to get past this particular error by deleting everything on the host and downloading from scratch.

I too got past the error on a VBox by deleting everything and starting from scratch on the installer. Its working like a champ now.