Unable to Flash Jetson xavier NX

Hi, I am using a Micro B USB port for flashing my xavier on my system using sdkmanager, but when I insert a command of lsusb the port is only getting detected till first 4-5 seconds, after that the port gets disconnected and stop detecting. though my xavier remains in force recovery as required.

I am attaching the software side error that I am getting, as well as my circuit design for force recovery and flash.

is there anything that I can try for?

Please try removing R24 and probe the GPIO0 signal to make sure it is correctly asserted when cable plug in.

we tried open R24 but still, issue remains same
we observed SYSRST PIN goes low after 3-4 sec when we powered ON the board SYSRST pin high (as per PIN Description) and in this time duration (3-4sec) Xavier NX is in Recovery Mode but after 3-4Sec SYSRST goes low automatically and XavierNX come out from Recovery Mode.

please let us know what are the other pins need to observe and the reason of SYSRST pin low

What about other siganls mentioned in DG like shutdown_req, power_en? Can your board power up normally with default image?

PFA image of power sequencing circuit,

The voltage am getting at:
shutdown request signal is +5V
Power_EN Signal is 0V
Sys_reset signal is 0V

I have made three cases using R17, R18 resistor
under force recovery test conditions:

You are using auto-power-on circuit design? First please change your capacitors’ value following below reference.

In auto-power-on mode, it is easy to trigger wrong action, so you should try disabling auto-power-on (mount R12) and using power button.

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