Unable to flash Shield TV (2017)

Hi folks,

The Nvidia support team have pointed me over here… I’ve got an out-of-warranty Shield TV that won’t boot past the Nvidia logo. I can get into fastboot, but the recovery kernel and safe mode options also get stuck at the logo.

As a last resort, I’m trying to re-flash the device. I can see it from the fastboot devices command, but any attempt to actually do anything fails:

C:\platform-tools>fastboot devices
032xxxxxxxx41 fastboot

C:\platform-tools>fastboot oem unlock
FAILED (Write to device failed (Unknown error))
Finished. Total time: 5.008s

C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash staging blob
Sending ‘staging’ (6436 KB) FAILED (Write to device failed (Unknown error))
Finished. Total time: 15.011s

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!

Hi Richard,

Welcome to the Devtalk forums. Have you tried a factory reset?


In the future, I suggest posting Shield TV issues to the Geforce forums (Shield TV). There are experts there to assist.

Let us know how it goes for you.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have attempted a factory reset. As per my original post, the device won’t boot to the recovery kernel, so I am unable to perform a restore.

I am posting here as I was specifically referred to the developer forums by NVIDIA support. From their message to me:

NOTE : The support team does not assist with manual flashing of the Shield units. Any assistance would need to come from other users and from the Devtalk forums where the image was downloaded.

Anyway, looks like this unit is headed for the bin, as it appears to be totally dead.



Hi Richard,

Not sure if this will help, but check this post before retiring the unit.



Just in case you missed this: The Windows USB drivers for “fastboot” and “adb” are available separately to download.



Hi Tom,

Kind of helps… I think it explains why I’m getting the error (I’m using the “hardware” method of getting to fastboot), but ultimately doesn’t help much because I have no other way to get there. To use the “adb reboot bootloader” command I need to be able to actually boot the device in the first place, and that’s where it’s all falling over.

I’ve got one or two last tricks to try, but I fear this thing might be deceased.