Unable to generate a permanent license key

I was trying to generate a license key, and I got the following message after I clicked on “Generate Permanent License Keys”:

“The software license that you purchased does not include the ability to
transfer the license key to another system.”

I haven’t generated a license key before. And I have only one option
for displaying license key, which displayed the following message after I
clicked on it:

“Usage: mklicense …
Send mail to license@pgroup.com to usage instructions.”

The computer I was trying to put on was my laptop using 64-bit
Vista. I got the hostid and hostname by running the lmutil command. Can someone help me put the compiler on this computer?

Thank you very much,

Shenggang Li

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working to correct this problem. We will update this posting when it has been resolved.

PGI Support

This problem should now be resolved. Please let us know if it is not.


I am able to generate the license key now.