Unable to get classifier id in DS python-test-app2

I am using DS test-2 application, There I am able to get detector class id but not able to classifier id below is code which I have used
x1 = obj_meta.rect_params.left
y1 = obj_meta.rect_params.top
x2 = x1 + obj_meta.rect_params.width
y2 = y1 + obj_meta.rect_params.height
Tracker_id = obj_meta.object_id
class_id = obj_meta.class_id
confidence = obj_meta.confidence
# classifier_class = obj_meta.classifier_meta_list.class_id
Can I get classifier class using Obj_meta for a specific detected class.
Please help me.

is there any update ? please help.

hi, try to add the code blow after your code:

l_classifier= obj_meta.classifier_meta_list
if class_id==XXX and l_classifier is not None:
classifier_class = label_info.result_class_id

XXX is the specific detected class you want. classifier_class is the data you need.