Unable to get DLSS to work in VR

Hi! I am trying to get DLSS to work with VR similarly to how we use DLSS in VRED to get acceptable performance.

I tried using the methods described in the documentation provided with the plugins download but it doesn’t work properly. I must be doing something wrong.

Firstly I used this method:

And secondly I tried the method of executing the following commands in sequential order with blueprints when starting the project.
r.NGX.Enable 1
r.NGX.DLSS.Enable 1
r.ScreenPercentage 66.7

I have set “Override game screen percentage settings with editor settings in PIE” to off.
But I still either get no change whatsoever, or this error message:

Assertion failed: ReflectionPass != ELumenReflectionPass::FrontLayerTranslucency || (FrontLayerReflectionGBuffer && FrontLayerReflectionGBuffer->FrontLayerTranslucencySceneDepth->Desc.Extent == SceneTextures.Config.Extent) [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Private\Lumen\LumenReflections.cpp] [Line: 934]

Even with the sample project I am unsure if the feature is working at all. I believe I can see some changes when switching modes but no change in performance, even when unlocking the frame rate. And I tried enabling the on screen indicator via the “ngx_driver_onscreenindicator.reg” but that doesn’t show either.

This is on a 4090, on Windows 10 Enterprise running UE 5.1.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We rely a lot on DLSS to get decent performance as we don’t have time or resources to optimize the scenes too much as well as us needing to have really high poly models while running ray tracing and good quality GI for proper evaluation.

Hi there @androidsilvereye,

DLSS for UE 5.x and VR has been slightly problematic for a while now and people are working on it, there is just no ETA available yet.

There is another thread where other people have mentioned similar issues and possible workarounds and all the comments go into our issue tracker.

If I get information on solutions or workarounds, I will share them in that thread.


Thanks, Markus! :D

I saw that there was a workaround in that thread that I’m going to test!