Unable to get flowusd interface

I am trying to import point cloud into Isaac Sim using the standalone method. It seems that I should use omni.flowusd package. I tried import omni.flowusd into my Python code, but it complained about not being able to find this package. This is solved by adding $SCRIPT_DIR/extscache/omni.flowusd-105.1.45+105.1.lx64.r.cp310.ub3f to setup_python_env.sh.

However, when I execute
iface = _flowusd.acquire_flowusd_interface(), I got the error RuntimeError: Failed to acquire interface: omni::flow::IFlowUsd (pluginName: nullptr). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Problem Solved. I need to enable the flowusd extension by running enable_extension("omni.flowusd"). Hope this can help other developer in the future.

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