Unable to get TX2 board to go into Recovery Mode

I’m trying to flash a TX2 board that seems to be going through a boot loop. It cycles through video and then halts. I am unable to get the board to go into recovery mode and have NVIDIA SDK Manager detect it. I don’t know if the board is some how faulty, but was working out of the box. Nothing happens when I try to use the auto-detect function in the SDK Manager. I am using an Ubuntu 18.04 host and using a USB to connect. I have moved to every USB port on the host with no functionality. When I use the LSUSB command it doesn’t show the board at all.

Did you already try to put the board into recovery mode by pressing the button on the devkit?

Remove the power cable and plug it back.

Press RCM button and hold → press power button and release it → and then release the RCM button → Check your lsusb on host.

Thank you for the reply. Looking at my TX2 board the buttons that I have available are as follows - RST - VOL - REC - PWR
I don’t see a button labeled RCM.

Oh, I mean the REC == RCM.

Yes, I have tried to remove power and hold the REC button and PWR button. I will try again and see if I get different results.

Please be aware that it is not just “hold them together”. You need to follow the order to press and release.

And just in case you make any mistake… you still need power cable connected on it. My point to remove the cable and plug it back was to make sure the device is not booting up at that moment…

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