Unable to initiate cublas library if I compile in emulator mode Does any one know why?

Hi all,

    I ve been trying to learn to work with CUBLAS  for a while. My programs were getting compiled and executed but the results were weird. cublasGetError said that the cublas library wasn't intialised. But cublasInit() didnt return any specific error other than CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED. I was compiling with 'nvcc' in with device emulation turned on. But I suddenly noticed that compiling the program without -deviceemu made the program run perfectly..

      Is there an issue with device emulation that prevents CUBLAS from getting initialised?0 Or is it just my compiler behaving funky??  Would appreciate anyone who could help me understand this..



When you run in -deviceemu, you have to -lcublasemu, not -lcublas.