Unable to install AI Workbench Desktop on Linux Mint 21.2 (x86_64)

Workbench version: Beta, Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop App v0.28.29 (x86)


Operating System: Linux Mint 21.2
Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-92-generic
Architecture: x86-64

Looking through the attached workbench.log I see that HOST OS is unsupported. I also see that brew is not available.

I assumed since Linux Mint is a Debian derivative AI Workbench would work - what is required to make the HOST OS be supported? Do I need to have brew installed on Linux in order for AI Workbench to install successfully?

workbench.log (132.3 KB)
nvwb.log (8.1 KB)

Hi Rajat! Welcome, and thanks for reaching out. Currently, AI Workbench is officially supported on the Ubuntu 22.04 distro. To my understanding, attempting to install on other distributions like Linux Mint is currently unsupported and may lead to issues or incompatibilities. Support for other distros is being discussed and may be added to the roadmap if there is sufficient interest, just let Tyler know of any feedback.

For Ubuntu 22.04, I recommend using the native apt package manager instead of installing a third party package manager like brew.

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Thanks for the quick response - will try on Ubuntu 22.04 instead.

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