Unable to install Archicad connector

I get this error when trying to install the connector:

Error occurred during installation of Graphisoft Archicad: Command failed: “D:\OmniVerse\pkg\archicad-connector-102.1.60\ArchicadOmniSetup.exe” /INSTALL


What version of Archicad do you have installed? Or do you have more than one?

I have 19, 22, 23, 24 and a beta of 25.

Any update, with installer fixes is coming out soon. Will let you know when it is available

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Any progress on this?

Yes, we have a new version for the Archicad connector that we’ll post to the launcher this week.

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Is the updated connector ready. For the moment I always get crashes with V24.Everything is installed but when I press “Send to View” Archicad crashes.
The server is running, Cache is running,

It is posting to the Launcher tomorrow (8/19). I apologize for the delay.

Thanks for the info. Any release notes available?. Still the app not available in the launcher though.

Hello @Bot3d! Here are some links to our Release Notes

You can view Archicad’s release notes through our Connector App. Archicad — Omniverse Connect documentation

Also, here is a link to our View Release Notes: Release Notes — Omniverse View documentation

Thank you. Yes I know but where to find the latest version for Archicad that was supposed to be uploaded today???

Archicad 103.1.91 is now available on the launcher. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Error occurred during installation of Graphisoft Archicad: Graphisoft Archicad@103.1.91 is not compatible with this Launcher version.

I am trying to download but only the 1.1.4 is available.
Any link with the latest launcher.

Things so far are really complicated!!!

They should NOT be this complicated. Sorry.

A newer version of the launcher should be available - did you click on Bell icon in Launcher to look for an update? I believe the current launcher version is 1.1.12 but I’ll check on my other system.

I can repro … chasing it down.

103.1.92 is not available with the fix for installing on that version of the Launcher.

Today I got a message to update the Launcher to the latest version. So everything else got updated to and now finalyy I managed to load a model in View!!! And live sync also…
Thanks for the direct support. I will keep you informed with the progress

Finally … glad you are moving along now.


Installing works with the new update. Thanks. I did not get materials on my first attempt, but I have just barely had time to test.


Also me. I am not getting the materials from Archciad. I get a white model that is hard to reapply materials because there are not recognized on the objects so you have to apply materials for each object separately.