Unable to install DeepStream SDK in my jetson nano

Good morning forum,
I recently bought a Jetson Nano device that I would use to detect human being shapes.
Reading some posts i noticed that, using OPenCV, this task is really slow and that’s better to use DeepStream SDK. So i tried with the (really poor) documentation that is in the NVIDIA web site with no success.
I installed the last version of JetPack ( i don’t know how to see the installed version, seems an impossible task ) and I downloaded the last version of DeepStream, followed the instructions in the README and nothing works. I got some run-time error related to some missing dependencies i think. So I would a help in installing and using DeepStream please, step by step if possible as I am not an expert. I am a C++ developer not Python.
Thanx in advance,

In your case, I think it’s would be better to install by sdk manager, it will install all dependency for you,
after installation, you can directly use it, here some useful link:
if you still met error, please paste detailed error log.

Hi amycao,
thank you for the reply. To use the sdk manager I have to install Linux right? Is not possible to use it from windows?

Correct, only for Ubuntu OS.