Unable to install Machinima

Instalation process stops on omni.machinima.warmup.bat and i dont have any idea what to do with it.

Logs bellow

launcher.log (89.9 KB)

Thanks for response!

Hi @Konrad_B! I’m seeing a few ENOENT errors which means “Error No Entity” which appears when a specified path (file or directory) does not exist in the filesystem. Have you tried running the Omniverse Cleanup Tool?

In the meantime, I’ll have a dev look at your logs and see if they have any suggestions.

I see that you are trying to install Machinima 2022.3.0 for windows-x86_64.

The dev team got back to me and asked me to share this with you.

Trick to unblock
omni.create.warmup.bat or omni.whatever.warmup.bat in Launcher.