Unable to install nvidia drivers on ubuntu and use second monitor


I am unable to install any nvidia driver and use my second monitor via HDMI.
Almost sure it happened after updating ubuntu with Software & Updates.
Everything I try to do fails, and I searched the net for every possible solution:
Installing via “Additional Drivers” at the Software & Updates app
Installing manually with apt get
Installing with the .run package downloaded from nvidia webite.
Every action reports a kind of a problem - Missing URLS, different corruption-like error reports etc.
I tried also every possible uninstall, reboot reinstall solutions.

Can anybody please help?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. You posted in the Networking category, this should be in the Linux category. I will move it over for you now.

Tom K

Meaning you have lots of errors in general? Or only when trying to install the driver? If in general, I would work on most of those first.

Do you know which driver you’re using now? The Nouveau or NVIDIA binary driver? Or will none of the drivers work at all, and you’re stuck on the command line?

Probably best to try one method and work through the errors you see. The most supported way should be using the “Additional Drivers” UI. And the Ubuntu people should be great at helping there.

But I’d assume you running the NVIDIA binary you downloaded yourself would offer more error details if this is something beyond the typical cases. We’d need to see the output though. Like a log file, or pipe the output into a text file to upload here.

Generally you have to read the error and do what it says. It might have said you need to disable the Nouveau driver, for instance. Sadly Linux often takes a lot more work than Windows. Like it’s not “plug and play” for a lot of stuff. You have to tell it to specifically enable another monitor/screen, and the process was ugly last time I tried to make an Xconfig by hand. But maybe it’s improved…