Unable to install old High Performance Fortran compiler

I tried to instal an old High Performance Fortran compiler for my research.
I was able to download version 3.1 but when I clicked the pgiws.exe file, I got nothing. A window briefly showed up saying that it was unpacking pgiws.exe but then nothing visible happened. No idea where the unpacked files, if any, are. It certainly did not ask me where I want to install the compiler. No err msg. No anything. I am running Win XP Pro 2002 SP3 on Intel Pentium 4.
Same problem with the 4.0 file.


We were able to install on a windows XP 32-bit system here.

We also determined that the checksum of the download matched our checksum,
so the download was not corrupted.

However, 3.1, which came out about 10 years ago, is not supported,
and we are not going to investigate what might be wrong with the package. There
are more recent packages that will install and are supported.