Unable to Install ROS2 on Xavier NX

I have tried Debian Source installation as well as the following ways but nothing is working


The following instructions from JetsonHacks and other links are showing several errors and one of them is the Cmake version currentyly is 3.10.x but requires more.

I installed the Cmake from source and now it is 3.20.x but the error is same while running those scripts to install. If anyone have any success please help me out.

Do I need to upgrade the default install Python from 3.6.9 to any specific higher versions before starting the scripts?

Hi @mhaque2, I believe this CMake version error only came about recently, as the foonathan_memory_vendor seems to have been upgraded and now requires a newer version of CMake. For more info, please see this GitHub issue:

I build ROS2 inside container and have released pre-built container images for Foxy which you can find listed in this table. The steps I followed to upgrade CMake can be found in my updated Dockerfile here:

(those are intended to be run by docker during a container build, but the steps are the same/similar as if you were running them manually outside of a container)

No, I haven’t personally needed to do any upgrading of the default Python 3.6 version to get ROS2 Foxy to build.

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