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Yesterday, I suddenly lost access to my terminal on my Jetson. I decided to shut down the system, but when I attempted to restart it, I encountered an error( unable to launch’/usr/bin/startlxde’x session. Unfortunately, the command ‘sudo apt-get install lxde’ did not work for me. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me resolve this issue.

Hi elham.banapoor,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Please share the full serial console log for further check.

I use a devkit, and my Jetson information is as follows:
Jetson Xavier:

Ubuntu: 18.04.06
Jetpack: R32
Revision: 7.4
GCID: 33514132
Board: t186ref
EABI: aarch64

Thank you for your consideration

Is there any serial console log from your Xavier NX devkit?
(You may need a serial console cable to capture them).

Could your board get recovered after re-flash?

No, there is not any serial console.
Do you mean I should re-flash my board?

We could not clarify the issue if there’s no serial console log.

Yes, I would suggest using SDKM to re-flash the board and check if it could get recovered.

Thank you for your response. Is this my only solution?

Yes, or you could put current module to another devkit board.

Thank you for your assistance. Is there a specific reason for this issue?

Since there’s no serial console log to check, I do not know what’s happening inside.
Just a suggestion to re-flash the board to check if it could get recovered.

Ok, I will try it. Thank you again.

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