Unable to log into TX2

I flashed my TX2 for the first time and everything finished up fine, the display came up and then timed out. Since I haven’t installed the BSP for the Orbitty carrier yet I cannot use a keyboard or mouse with it and don’t know if I can log into the board from the GUI. I tried to ssh into it and was prompted for the password. I tried nvidia/nvidia ubuntu/ubuntu and guest session with no success. All I get is “Permission denied, please try again.” So I’m most of the way through installing the BSP and when I bring JetPack back up to re-flash it wants user name and password. So I’m exactly stuck.

I’m not familiar with the Orbitty, but do you have a serial console connection? If so, then this would be the preferred method to make changes…but really you’ll need to flash with the BSP for Orbitty if you want to use it on this. Are you able to work with this on the dev kit carrier?

Did you flash with JetPack, or on command line? Which version did you use (R28.2 is current)?

Be sure the name/password you are being asked for is for the Jetson and not for host…there may be places where JetPack wants the password for sudo on the host PC, or for login to the Jetson. It depends on where you saw this.

I do not have a serial connection and do not have the dev kit, unfortunately. I was given a Jetson and a carrier board and told to make it work.

I did the initial flash using JetPack 3.1 (I read somewhere that 3.1 would work better for some reason) r28.1 and am using Jetpack to flash the BSP after running the install.

It is asking for the login for the device, it’s a step in the GUI install rather than an authentication pop-up.

I think modules shipped without a carrier start with nothing installed. I am only guessing, but I suspect people who have set JetPack 3.1 (which installs L4T R28.1) are probably right about it being less of a problem for that carrier board (due to time it takes to release a new BSP for the Orbitty). R28.2 (which JetPack3.2 can flash) is newer.

I’ve not heard of an L4T install without the nvidia/nvidia and ubuntu/ubuntu login ID/pass. I have heard of logins failing when not enough disk space was available, and I have heard of logins failing when the sample rootfs permissions were not valid. Perhaps it is a network issue or one of the above issues.

The step asking for login credentials to the Jetson will only occur after the system flash has completed. At this point there can be a network issue or an actual boot issue if this password is not accepted. The mechanism used by JetPack for automatically determining the address is a bit of a hack and will probably only work on first reboot of the Jetson. For network testing in general, can you ping the address of the Jetson?

I can ping the address it picked up when it first flashed so I think the connection is fine. How would I figure out if it’s a disk space issue?

What is the exact byte size on the PC host of the “bootloader/system.img.raw” file? In that bootloader subdirectory, do you have spare disk space (use “df -H .”)?

You could loopback mount the system.img.raw and see:

sudo mount /where/ever/it/is/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img.raw /mnt
df -H /mnt
sudo umount /mnt

You know that a significant part of the system is up and running…without that ping would fail.