Unable to login after Changing the username password

Hi team,

please help me on this, I’ve changed a mellanox switch Username admin password 7 “********” from the default username password: admin admin. And I saved it using “write memory”.

After this, I tried to login with new password. But login failed and account locked.

Do i need to reboot the switch. It’s in production now. please help me.??

Hi Prathap,

Can you log in to the switch WebUi (on browser https:\<switch ip/hostname> using the below credentials:

Username - xmladmin

Password - xmladmin

Then on the WebUi under the “Security” tab you can edit the admin user and change the password.

You can also add new users if you want from there.

To reset the system, the CPU of its management board and the “admin” password, perform the following:

Push the Reset button and keep it pressed for at least 15 seconds. You will then be able to enter without a password and set a new password for the user “admin”.

The reset button is located on the rear side of the system next to the fan status LEDs. This reset button requires a tool to be pressed.