Unable to login through SDK Manager

could not login from sdk manager. Forgot password is sending me a link which is not redirecting to a reset password page.


We are looking into this issue now. Stay tuned for updates.


Hello @raghu51nz2 & @cpaniagua,

We have not found any issues with the SDK Manager at this time. Can you please provide the ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log to help us troubleshoot?


We discovered an issue with your IP being blocked. You should be good to go now.


I have the same problem on the SDK manager. It looks like my IP was blocked and I did “unblock” the IP from the link provided in email. However after many hours, it looks like it still is giving me a response of Incorrect email or password.

Same issue on the SDK manager. It should be caused by IP problem cause I am using VPN. Any help?


Please see this post: Reporting SDK Manager Issues

Same issue on the SDK manager.I keep getting a “Incorrect email or password”, despite having earlier reset my password.

Can you please verify that you have the “Devzone” tab selected on the login page, and not the “NVONLINE” tab?


Yes, I have the Devzone tab selected now.

Looks like your account got locked. We’ve unlocked it now. Can you please try again?

Yes! working now. Thank you Fred!

I had same issue. please check

Hi @ohshinwoo, you should now have access.

Hi @TomK, I have the same issue. Could you check?

@sahin, I just checked your account, there is nothing blocking you. Make sure you are not using a social login.

Hi @Tomk I have the same issue.

@sscsmatrix You should be good to go now.

Thank you!

Hi,@TomK,I have the same issue. please check.Thank you.