Unable to login to Ubuntu after setting X separate screens (NVIDIA X Server Settings)

My Ubuntu (14.04) desktop currently has a LED screen and a CRT monitor connected to it. I needed to set the two screens as two separate screens rather than a continuous dual-screen. (This is for running of visual experiments using MATLAB, where I need one monitor to run the experiment and the other to execute the commands). I assume configuring one screen as X screen 0 and the other as X screen 1 at the NVIDIA X server settings would do the job.

After restarting the desktop, I was stuck on a loop at the login screen for my primary monitor. It doesn’t allow me to login and each time I tried to, a black screen appears before the prompt to login reappears. As for the secondary monitor, only a black cross (with white outline) cursor and a black screen could be seen when I moved my mouse over. I managed to reset my graphics setting by running the recovery mode which allowed me to login once more but with the initial settings.

The DVI cable was used to connect between my primary monitor to the PC and the DP-VGA adaptor from my secondary (CRT) monitor to the PC.

My question here is, how do I get X screen 0 and 1 to work properly as two separate screens? I’ve tried every remedy I could find online and nothing works.

My current graphics card is nVidia Quadro 2200.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (178 KB)

Is there a member of staff around to look into this matter? I was directed here from the live support service and really hope I will be able to resolve this issue soonest.