Unable to login with SDK Manager

I am using the SDK Manager Version
Account vitalyeirich@gmail.com
When i login via website then the login is ok.
But in SDK Manager it always complains “User is not authorized on NVIDIA Dev server”


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Hello @vitalyeirich

Welcome to the forums! What OS are you running?

Hi, Ubuntu 18.04

Can you please package the folder ~/.nvsdkm and send that to me via a private message?

I don’t have this directory, I can’t install the SDK manager at all because I can’t log in.

Let me reach out to the SDKM team and see if they can check your account for issues.

Thank you very much, I’m waiting

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Please log in to https://developer.nvidia.com/ to complete other steps and join the NVIDIA Developer Program. Once complete you should be able to log into the SDKM.


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Are you still having issues with logging into the SDKM?

Currently I’am also facing the same kind of issues. I can’t able to log into the sdk manager, but i can login my account on website. I’am currently using Jetpack 4.3, SDK manager version and My host machine is ubuntu 18.04. Please rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Hi @arshedsamad303,

It looks like you need to update your version of the SDKM.

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