Unable to open MODULE file mymm.mod

I am a notice to Fortran/Cuda Fortran and I was going through the exercies (PGroup Tutorials and Samples).

I tried to compile the sample exercise, matmul_acc_drv.F90. When I went compile it using the following:

$pgfortran -o matmul_acc_drv.exe matmul_acc_drv.F90 i get:

PGF90-F-0004-Unable to open MODULE file mymm.mod (matmul_acc_drv.F90:2)

Where would I go to find the mymm module for that sample?




Try adding ‘-ta=nvidia’ to your compile line.


Hi Antony,

You need to add another file called “matmul_acc.F90” to your compilation. This file contains the “mymm” module.

pgfortran -o matmul_acc_drv.exe -ta=nvidia matmul_acc.F90 matmul_acc_drv.F90
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