Unable to profile TK1 (21.3) CUDA application : CUPTI Error

Hello everyone,

I updated my TK1 L4T last week from 21.2 to 21.3. Since then, I can no longer profile an application running on my board remotely from my development computer (NSight Eclipse Edition).

Each time I launch a remote profiling I got the following message:
“Unable to profile appication.
com.nvidia.viper.jni.CuptiException: CUPTI_ERROR_NOT_COMPATIBLE”

My board configuration is L4T 21.3 (3.10.40-gc017b03) and my computer is running Ubuntu 12.04 (64bits) and a Nvidia driver 346.47, cuda 6.5 toolkit.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue ? Thank you.

Best regards,


I found out what was the problem.

The cuda-6-5 toolkit on my host computer (ubuntu 12.04 64bits) uses CUPTI 6.5.14 but the TK1 board uses 6.5.42. As the host computer is the master it cannot understand the messages from an upper version library.

I tried with another computer with Ubuntu 14.04 64bits it does not matter the cuda-toolkit-6-5 does not change the CUPTI version.

To remove that I had to migrate my computer to CUDA 7.0.

I was lucky because it has been released a few days ago. This is a bug with the Linux X86_64 version I think. Nvidia forgot to update the CUPTI library on CUDA 6.5 but not on the TK1.



Thank MathieuTRT, it’s a good point!