Unable to pull Clara DICOM Reader Docker image

I have installed Clara Deploy SDK and was able to run a sample pipeline (ct-recon.yaml).
But since morning I am facing an error in fetching dicom-reader docker image.

I have looked at Docker hub and there are no images under clara user.

Did you guys remove the images?


Thanks for your interest in clara deploy SDK and trying it out. If you already installed the sdk and tried ther reference work flow then clara should have been installed with all of its components. you might want to check the link localhost:8080 and localhost:8000 for the render server and the clara dashboard. You may have to start the clara render server manually using

clara render start

However to answer your question regarding where the docker files are, all required docker images are including the zip file you downloaded from NGC, they are located under the gems folder. if you ls that directory you should see results below, Note all dockers files are tagged 0.2.0 release

cd gems 
gems$ l
clara-ai-livertumor-0.2.0.tar       clara-argo-controller-0.2.0.tar  clara-clara-dashboard-0.2.0.tar       clara-dicomadapter-0.2.0.tar  clara-platformapiserver-0.2.0.tar  clara-renderserver_ng-0.2.0.tar
clara-ai-vnet-0.2.0.tar             clara-argoexec-0.2.0.tar         clara-clara-datasetservice-0.2.0.tar  clara-dicom-reader-0.2.0.tar  clara-recon-operator-0.2.0.tar     clara-resultsservice-0.2.0.tar
clara-app_base_inference-0.2.0.tar  clara-argoui-0.2.0.tar           clara-controller-0.2.0.tar            clara-dicom-writer-0.2.0.tar  clara-register-results-0.2.0.tar   clara-trtis-0.2.0.tar.gz

Hope that helps

Thanks for the reply Aharouni.
For some reason docker images were not loaded. I installed all the images using docker load command and now I am able to run the pipeline again without any issues.
Do you know what might be the issue?