Unable to Pull nvidia container


I’m unable to pull Nvidia Docker Container.

I logged in with my docker credentials and even with docker login nvcr.io with API as password

After that while I was trying to run

sudo docker pull nvcr.io/nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics:v1.0_py2

Around 10 MB got pulled and process is getting aborted with Error unauthorized: authentication required

Hi pagr,
Does this happen every time or just only once? Could you please try more times? Also, does it always get stuck around 10MB?

This is happening to me every time.
Tried more than 10 times

Sometimes around 90MB and sometimes around 300MB most frequent one is 10 MB

Could you please paste the full log?

sudo docker pull nvcr.io/nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics:v1.0_py2

v1.0_py2: Pulling from nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics
f7277927d38a: Pulling fs layer
8d3eac894db4: Pulling fs layer
edf72af6d627: Download complete
3e4f86211d23: Download complete
32de10d14aae: Download complete
ca4f18aebdb1: Download complete
11ebb08f1c0a: Download complete
9cb684343dba: Downloading 8.103MB/520.2MB
52a893d7132f: Downloading 1.618MB/722.1MB
f3f14e7e5819: Waiting
5666a6928516: Waiting
1eed64443fac: Waiting
98d7f5dccbbc: Waiting
539923a79f26: Waiting
6f9fb880b699: Waiting
e5f170ffde17: Pulling fs layer
e5f170ffde17: Waiting
0a004a7f1a47: Pulling fs layer
e28508721c1e: Waiting
0a004a7f1a47: Waiting
6e883ac5a9dc: Pulling fs layer
7aeb816bf441: Pulling fs layer
7f587ebb2e5f: Pulling fs layer
05f5654466fe: Pulling fs layer
1eed64443fac: Downloading
d9d3ede88c1b: Waiting
cd07a5e5b2ce: Waiting
0d781edb4643: Waiting
9cdccf0b540c: Waiting
72ea19294718: Waiting
87867727a99c: Waiting
07b045b62adf: Waiting
0bd954758c10: Waiting
0d6facc5a56e: Waiting
47471c4c67e0: Waiting
282db626d7fd: Waiting
a3b06ab6dc8e: Waiting
fca89b410bff: Waiting
31fb67c8015a: Waiting
37cb7f61d594: Waiting
45c5e590bba1: Waiting
34ed50d21941: Waiting
64f5abb95952: Waiting
3f1f327ee417: Waiting
7fb01b851905: Waiting
c7ae3fa86c86: Waiting
313b587d842b: Waiting
unauthorized: authentication required

Hi psgr,
Please double confirm you are following below step in tlt doc.

Download the docker container

Execute docker login nvcr.io from the command line and enter your username and password.
Username: $oauthtoken
Password: API_KEY
Execute docker pull nvcr.io/nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics: