Unable to push CUDA/OpenCV During Installation

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to setup my TK1, at the input device information step of installation, the setup application tries to connect to TK1 to push CUDA/OpenCL etc. At this step I constantly get permission denied error.

It opens up a small popup bash window titled with “Generate Identity Files”, the following is written on the small bash window:

running em_scp
mkstemp: Permission Denied
/bin/bash: /home/weslin/.ssh/known_hosts: Permission Denied
/home/weslin/.ssh/id_rsa: Permission Denied

What should I do? Anybody had encountered a similar problem?

Thanks in advance.

Was everything done with root authority, e.g., sudo? Also, was this from trying to install individual packages, or was it via JetPack?

Can you check if you have write permission to /home/weslin/.ssh/known_hosts and /home/weslin/.ssh/id_rsa files?