Unable to read temperature of GPU OS: Fedora 10, GPU:9600GT


I am curious to know the temperature of my GPU. I did the following to get it printed, but it is not displaying the result:

[root@Deepak]# nvidia-smi -lsa

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp			: Mon Feb  1 23:48:13 2010

GPU 0:

	Product Name		: GeForce 9600 GT

	PCI ID			: 62210de

Failed to read GPU temperature!

	Temperature		: 0 C

It failed! Can any one tell me what is the way to print it correctly. I am using 9600GT on Fedora 10.

Thank you very much

May be, use a thermometer if it is urgent… ;-)

Great Idea :-), this is what I used to do when in school…

By the way I need here your sincere advice please …how do I get the temperature of my GPU?

No idea dude… If not, why would I post like that… :-) May be, some1 will answer… Wait…

It usually shows up in the GUI nvidia-settings Under thermal monitor.

You can also try google for more options. The first hit is amazingly another thread on this forum: