Unable to reinstall JetPack due to environment variables?

I used to have the Jetpack installed in a folder, now I cant install it in another folder even after removing the original one.

Error occurs during installation.
Return Code: 1
Error accessing /home/PBJ/nvidia/Jetson//_installer/sudo_daemon: No such file or directory
starting sudo daemon
sudo /home/PBJ/movel/nvidia//_installer/sudo_daemon -installer=20121 -d=/home/PBJ/nvidia/Jetson//_installer/tmp 
sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified
printenv | grep etson returned:
where /home/PBJ/Jetson is where my new Jetpack is installed at.

I know there’s no running the JetPack installer again, but it’s curious I cant.

This leads me to believe it may be a missing ssh-askpass package:

sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

Without ssh-askpass sudo can’t prompt for a password. Try adding that package, e.g.:

sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass

(there are also variations, e.g., Gnome and KDE have a “prettier” version)

There are other ways for ssh to authenticate, and other possible issues with ssh, but this would be the first place to check.

I’ve tried installing as suggested but it didnt aid in fixing the problem.

I cant understand why it would be looking at /home/PBJ/nvidia/Jetson. Such a directory does not exist. It is supposed to be /home/PBJ/Jetson.

Are you running the original executable program from the start, or one of the programs in the “_installer” directory? If “_installer”, just use the original executable. If you have deleted all the subdirectory content first then you can look at environment.

In terms of environment are you logged in directly at the PC running and displaying the JetPack GUI?

What is the output from “echo $HOME” and “whoami”?

I can see four paths mentioned in the messages above:


It seems that you are trying to install Jetson to /home/PBJ/Jetson/

What happens if you download a Jetpack [I would try both 3.1 and 3.2] and install them to /home/PBJ/Jetson/ ? Will the error emerge with both Jetpack versions?

I am just curious if a symlink for the misspath could temporarily resolve the issue

ln -s /home/PBJ/nvidia/Jetson /home/PBJ/Jetson

LInking error. thanks mate