Unable to Reset Jetson AGX Xavier

Hello, I am an electrical engineering student at university of south florida and I am using a Jetson Xavier for a senior project. We need to factory reset the processor, but our process gets stuck at the “update sig images_list_signed” step as seen on the linux screen. Is there anyway we can factory reset the Xavier so that we can install robot operating studio (the xavier is already flashed with something else we can’t use, we want to reset to download ROS). We are using an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine.

Yo may try to re-flash the system to Jetpack 4.6.3 or 5.1 through SDKmanager. We don’t use virtual machine and it may not work properly. Would suggest have a host PC in Ubuntu 18.04 to install SDKManager.

You can press and hold recovery button. In the meantime press reset button to let Xavier developer kit enter recovery mode.

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