Unable to run a slave mode camera driver on TegraB.

I have a camera driver application that I can run in either slave mode or master mode. It runs perfectly on TegraA with no instance running on TegraB. As soon as I launch the application on TegraB in slave mode, I start getting the following errors from BOTH drivers.

CameraGMSL: CSI input stream failure in camera 0
ChanselShortFrame : 0x00000001
Channels with PIXEL_INCOMPLETE [11: 0]:
Channels 0
This can happen for three reasons: PIXEL_SHORT_FRAME: FE packet arrives before last expected pixel of the uncropped image; EMPTY_FRAME: FE packet arrives before cropped pixels other embedded data been received; PIXEL_OPEN_LINE: A pixel line has been opened with line start but FE packet arrives before line end ever arrives.
captureGetErrorStatus: ChanselShortFrame: stream=0 vc=0 frame=50 data=0x00000001 SofTs=157443537690496 ErrTs=157443538832544
NvViErrorDecode Stream 0.0 failed: ts 157443572170400 frame 51 error 7 data 0x00000001
captureGetErrorStatus: ChanselShortFrame: stream=0 vc=0 frame=51 data=0x00000001 SofTs=157448481235558 ErrTs=157448482377574
NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselShortFrame (7)
NvViErrorDecode See https://wiki.nvidia.com/wmpwiki/index.php/Camera_Debugging/CaptureError_debugging for more information and links to documents.

Any idea why this might happen?