Unable to run Ganverse 3D

I am using Omniverse 2021.3.8. I installed ganverse3d - image2car from Windows>Extensions. But when i try to run, it is showing me a RED Warning symbol(Screenshot attached)

Hello @saurabhsaxena! Thanks for trying out GANverse3D, I’m sorry you ran into trouble. In order to help sort this out, would you be able to attach the log or show a screenshot of the error that appears in the Console tab when you attempt to enable the extension? Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Thank you for reply @jlafleche . Please find below the log. Do i need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for VS 2019 ?
I thought everything comes with Omniverse create.

Thanks for the note! Indeed, currently Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for VS 2019 appears to be required on Windows to install this particular extension. We will look into how we can remove that requirement or provide clearer instructions. We really appreciate your feedback, thanks again!