Unable to run reference graph (Jetson Xavier NX)


I have downloaded and installed the reference graph based on here.

When running the graph, i get

-desktop:/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.0/reference_graphs/deepstream-test2$ /opt/nvidia/graph-composer/execute_graph.sh deepstream-test2.yaml \parameters.yaml -d …/common/target_aarch64.yaml
Graphs: deepstream-test2.yaml,parameters.yaml
Target: …/common/target_aarch64.yaml

Running deepstream-test2.yaml

[INFO] Writing manifest to /tmp/ds.deepstream-test2/manifest.yaml

it just stop at here and no manifest file was created as well. Am i missing something? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Did you follow these steps

Hi Amy, I have solved the issue. Thanks!

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