Unable to run riva_init.sh : no such file or directory

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Hardware - GPU (A100 40GB PCIE)
Hardware - CPU - AMD
Operating System - Ubuntu 20.04
Riva Version - 1.7.0- beta

Hi, I’m new to Riva, however I cannot use it because of the current Issue:

I followed the offical quickstart guide to download the [ riva_quickstart_v1.7.0-beta ], and when I try to run it with sudo, it produce such error:

riva_init.sh: line 78: /home//Desktop/Nvidia: No such file or directory

I had Docker and Nvidia docker preinstalled. With Nvidia driver version: 460, and CUDA version 11.2. Please help if you know how to fix it, thanks.


Are you following same steps like in the below doc ?