Unable to run secondary classifier(Resnet18) with DS3 app when tracker is disabled.

Im trying to run DS3 app with Primary detector(Resnet10) and Secondary classifier(Resnet18) with tracker disabled. But there are no labels from secondary classifier drawn on the output video but when tracker is enabled the output labels from secondary detector can be seen in the output video.

Is there a relation between tracker and secondary classifier?


Can you try this to see the difference: change the deepstream-app to show text
Set appCtx[0]->show_bbox_text = TRUE; in deepstream_app_main.c before g_main_loop_new

I think there is no relation between tracker and secondary classifier.

i tried “Set `appCtx[0]->show_bbox_text = TRUE” , but there is no difference in the output videos.

Can you try to change “classifier-async-mode=0” ? Is it OK ?