Unable to run yolov3 on jetson nano using tvm

Hello everyone, I am trying to run yolov3 using the example -Compile YOLO-V2 and YOLO-V3 in DarkNet Model on jetson nano development board. But, in the first where we download cfg and weights file, convolution takes places but i get an like…

" Loading weights from /home/please/yolov3.weights…Done!
free(): invalid next size (fast)
Aborted (core dumped)"

I am stuck with for a long time. Kindly help me with this.

Thanks for everyone

Moving to Jetson Nao forum for resolution.


Since Nano has limited memory, would you mind trying the YOLO tiny model to see if it works?

We also have a sample to run the darknet YOLO model with Deepstream and TensorRT.
It’s recommended to give it a try:



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