Unable to safely close the detectnet application when using RTP


I am using detecnet.py and also using RTP. So I am starting the application from ssh terminal and I can see the video inferencing on VLC. Everything seems to work fine.

When closing the application on ssh terminal, it says stopped but I can see the camera is still on, so the application is not stopped. What changes we can make to the python program to safely close the camera and release all other resources.


Hi @ART97, do you still see the camera feed in VLC player after closing detectnet.py? Or are you saying that the activity light on the camera stays on?

Is there any difference in behavior if you run detectnet (c++ version) as opposed to detectnet.py?

@dusty_nv No, the camera feed in VLC pauses and after few seconds it closes automatically. But the light on the camera stays on. I have not tried c++ version as I only want to work in Python. But I can give it a try.

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