Unable to save image files on Jetson Nano


I’m trying the Thumbs Up/Down project but I’m unable to save the image files for classification. I get the following error when I step through the Jupyter NB. I do seem to have enough free space, memory. Any help appreciated.

OSError Traceback (most recent call last)
in save(c)
37 # save image for category and update counts
38 def save(c):
—> 39 dataset.save_entry(camera.value, category_widget.value)
40 count_widget.value = dataset.get_count(category_widget.value)
41 save_widget.on_click(save)

/nvdli-nano/classification/dataset.py in save_entry(self, image, category)
67 if not os.path.exists(category_directory):
—> 68 subprocess.call([‘mkdir’, ‘-p’, category_directory])
70 image_path = os.path.join(category_directory, filename)

/usr/lib/python3.6/subprocess.py in call(timeout, *popenargs, **kwargs)
285 retcode = call([“ls”, “-l”])
286 “”"
→ 287 with Popen(*popenargs, **kwargs) as p:
288 try:
289 return p.wait(timeout=timeout)

/usr/lib/python3.6/subprocess.py in init(self, args, bufsize, executable, stdin, stdout, stderr, preexec_fn, close_fds, shell, cwd, env, universal_newlines, startupinfo, creationflags, restore_signals, start_new_session, pass_fds, encoding, errors)
727 c2pread, c2pwrite,
728 errread, errwrite,
→ 729 restore_signals, start_new_session)
730 except:
731 # Cleanup if the child failed starting.

/usr/lib/python3.6/subprocess.py in _execute_child(self, args, executable, preexec_fn, close_fds, pass_fds, cwd, env, startupinfo, creationflags, shell, p2cread, p2cwrite, c2pread, c2pwrite, errread, errwrite, restore_signals, start_new_session)
1293 errread, errwrite,
1294 errpipe_read, errpipe_write,
→ 1295 restore_signals, start_new_session, preexec_fn)
1296 self._child_created = True
1297 finally:

OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory


Have you tried to use save_entry on other devices before?
It seems that the function working in a thread and causes some issues.


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