Unable to save scene after renaming material

I have a simple scene with 4 basic materials in it utilizing omnisurfacelite. I’ve been able to rename all of these materials without a problem. If I create another material, doesn’t matter which one it is, and try and rename it, I am not able to “save as” a new scene. It hangs on “saving layers.” If I create a new material and don’t rename, I am able to save.

Attached is a screen grab I caught of the log file while it was hanging.

Dos anyone have any suggestions on how to solve or clean?

Hello @TheBeals! Thanks for reaching out! We were able to reproduce your issue and have created an internal Bug (OM-34863).

Hello @TheBeals! I wanted to give you an update on this bug. Our QA team is currently testing the fix so we will hopefully see this issue fixed shortly.

Thank you so much!

I just recieved confirmation that this issue has been fixed and will be included in our next release!