Unable to Save X Configuration File

Hello. I have a GeForce GT 610 on a computer running openSUSE Leap 15. It’s working very well, but I need to set the underscan by 50 pixels. No problem doing that through the NVIDIA X Server Settings utility, but, when I click on “Save to X Configuration File” to try to save the new setting, I get the “Save X Configuration” window with a “Browse…” button next to a window to put in… What? Where is the configuration file kept? Or, where does this configuration file need to be saved? “Merge with existing file” and the check box next to it is grayed out.

You need to run nvidia-settings as root to be able to write to the system config:
sudo nvidia-settings
the location to enter is
It’s probably empty and the merge button grayed out because there’s no config currently existing.

Thanks, that helped, though I still needed to generate an initial xorg.conf file by:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

to get the ball rolling. I saved my configuration file in my “Downloads” folder, then sudo mv’ed it into the /etc/X11/ folder.

I couldn’t just save it using the NVIDIA Utility because I don’t have root privileges outside of terminal.

Thanks again!