Unable to see workflow on argo while running reference pipeline in Clara 0.4.1

Hi Team,
i am new to clara-sdk and want to test it for medical images training and pacs server connectivity. i have go through you available docs for clara sdk version 0.4.1 and install and setup sdk on one AWS VM as you explain in docs. on another AWS VM. on second vm i set up one DICOM server using DCMTK toolkit which can use to trigger pipeline. but when i trigger pipeline by running ‘storescu -v +sd +r -xb -aet “DCM4CHEE” -aec “LungSeg” 104 ./’ . it run successfully but on argo it not visualizes any workflow at all. why this is happing. i had tried to set api-version to 0.3.0 in ‘dicom-server-config.yaml’ file. and restart dicom server but still it can’t show any workflow on argo ui. please help regarding this.
Thanks in advance.

The setting that controls using Argo orchestration or Clara CP Driver is in each individual pipeline definition. Please open the specific pipeline yaml file, modify the api-version to 0.3.0 for Argo (by default), republish the pipeline, modify the dicom-server-config.yaml, restart DICOM Adaptor, and then send the DICOM data again.

Best regards