Unable to turn on AGX after adding 970 EVOPlus NVM3 ssd


I tried to add a samsung 970 EVO plus SSD to my jetson xavier as detailed on a web page. Once I re-assembled, the power light will not come on, and nothing showed on the monitor. I have measured the voltage on the power brick and it matches what is listed. I then opened it back up to remove the ssd and try again. It still fails to come back to life.

Is there anything that can be done to return this to working order? Can it be RMA’d?

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Hi, it looks like the Jetson had been damaged. If you have good hardware knowledge then you can check if any device broken. Otherwise you can try RMA.

I am past the one year warranty, so RMA is not an option. now i am hoping to find a source for a replacement carrier board for the xavier agx.

@user105224 can you post a picture of the inside of your xavier ?

You might have bent a pin when re-attaching the two halves. It can be easily fixed.

Thanks for helping! Let me know if you can see a bent one.

and the compute module. Thanks, again!

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