Unable to unpack nvidia-14t-kernel-headers

I am using a leopard imaging mount and am attempting to flash the nano using L4T with R32.5.1. However when using sudo ./applt_binaries.sh, I can get through it all until I get to nvidia-14t-kernel-headers. There I get the issue that there is an error processing, and am unable to open ipt_ttl.h.dpkg-new as there is no such file or directory.

Hi billyt2011,

It seems a custom board from Leopard Imaging Inc.
Do you get the BSP package from your vendor?

Could you help to provide the log after you run sudo ./apply_binaries.sh for further check?

yes I got the BSP package.
I managed to solve my issue. I was originally using WSL to run ubuntu 18.04, however I switched to VMware, and set it up through there, which has worked.

Actually, WSL/VM/docker are not recommended to be used for developing L4T and flashing the board.
Please use standalone Ubuntu 18.04 as your host PC.

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