Unable to unregister License Server from License Portal.

I have noticed that the License Server MAC Address is unique across all Nvidia accounts. Really? Colleague registered License Server under his account and left the company. Now i wanted to register the Lic Server under another account i had access to but could not as it was complaining that the MAC address is already registered…Are we NUTS ? in Virtual Environments it is quite possible for two users to have the same MAC… what ever, i have changed my MAC address and could register this rubbish. Of course i had to uninstall and reinstall this FLEXNET thing to accept the MAC change otherwise the Lic File was refused with error. Horrible SOFTWARE rubbish. Now it is running just wondering how to unregister a non existent license server . Please advise. Theoretically , i can now go and register all MAC addresses i could generate as Lic Servers and block these for other users…Terrible experience with this rubbish. Do not ever try to use some licensing software. do anything else. just not licensing, it is killing it.

Why not simply open a support ticket? NVES would help you with this inquiry and delete the old licserver. And there is no need to delete the licserver to accept a new license with different MAC. You can easily delete the trusted store on the licserver.
I agree, the unique MAC is a mess and we will move away from Flexera portal very soon to mitigate all these restrictions.


So, how do you remove a MAC from portal account A so that same MAC can be registered with portal account B?

Wait till Monday and your question will be obsolete.

Nice one Simon!

The vGPU License Portal has just had a really nice UI upgrade along with additional management features that were requested around the License Server. This should resolve your issue.