Unable to Update Quadro P2000 Driver, Help!!

Hi, i just received an Dell Precision 5530 With Nvidia Quadro P2000/4gb

and it came with driver 397.xx but somehow i can not update it to 412.xx or 416.xx
i keep getting the unsupported text when i run the update.
if i run Geforce Experience i get nothing there either. i can not update the driver, or even reinstall the current one.

if i jump to my colleague’s computer Dell Precision 7530 with Nvidia Quadro P2000/4gb (same grafic card)
i can run Geforce Experience and download and update to 416.xx no problem.

why is it that there’s no updated drivers for this card when there are for the dell 7530, os is there something wrong with my computer?

can i backup the 7530 quadro driver and restore it to my 5530?

Br Henrik H

Have you tried downloading the driver directly from the Dell website?


Hi, Yes i did try that but the driver is only 397.xx something.
i am looking for the 412.xx or 416.xx drivers.

and i am very annoyed that i can not update from the Geforce Experience application.

why is it behaving like this? will my computer never get any updates to it grafic card?

For the latest Windows drivers please visit: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

Note this sounds like a consumer product issue. I suggest posting this to the GeForce forums, as this forum is for developers.