Unable to use gstreamer for monochrome RAW10 MIPI CSI-2 video


We have a custom MIPI CSI-2 camera, which streams 1280x480 resolution of RAW10 video. I am able to acquire the video using v4l2-ctl, however, unable to do the same using gstreamer, how should I resolve it?

As, I used OV5693.c as the reference driver, pixel_t value is bayer_rggb, what value should i use for pixel_t for a RAW10 monochrome video stream?

pixel_t = “bayer_rggb”;

Is this causing gstreamer to fail?

You need to capture frame data by using v4l2src. It supports the bayer formats:

                 format: { (string)bggr, (string)gbrg, (string)grbg, (string)rggb }

It looks like RAW10 monochrome is not supported. So you may not be able to use gstreamer. May consider use jetson_multimedia_api and check the sample:


You ay try the sample to capture frame data to CUDA buffer.

Hi @DaneLLL,

I tried using the sample, however, all I got was a blank frame. I believe, I need to make some changes to the sample code. Can you point me to a discussion thread where this has beed done previously, I could not find one, or if you can guide me what needs to be done.

My video output is 1280*480 Monochrome RAW10 data.

PS: I am able to save the video using v4l2-ctl and then bit shift it and play the video later. However, I want to display the video in realtime.

By default v4l2cuda sample does not capture frame data in monochrome RAW 10. You would need to modify the sample to set to the format. Please check the code, apply the format and try again.