Unable to use GUI

I can get to the login screen. I’m given two options for users: Ubuntu or guest.

If I enter Ubuntu as the password it will attempt to login. The screen will flicker then return to the login screen. I can login with the guest account but there’s artififacting on the top bar and when I attempt to do anything I’ll often lose the screen altogether and just have a mouse cursor.

I tried to do ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a terminal session but I get no video signal when I do that.

I’ve also connected tx1 to my router and the router does see the device and assigns an IP. I can ping the device but I cannot ssh into it.

I’m feeling defeated at this point. The gui isn’t working and I haven’t found a way to at least communicate with it with a terminal session. Any suggeations?



It looks like X11 driver have some problem. Do you use full BSP from Jetpack?

This tx1 dev kit was just unboxed today. Upon booting up the first time I logged into the terminal as user Ubuntu then there were instructions to run a script then upon reboot the GUI will be functional. I ran that script and since then I have been having this issue. There is nothing else installed.

Please download a Jetpack and reflash your device. Sorry for inconvenience.